What A Year... 2018!

What a year! Here, in the photo, my team (and my attention-loving pocket square) present our LAIF award haul to the Chairman of Globacom, Dr. Mike Adenuga Jr, GCON. (Overall, my agency won 23 awards. And the team I directly oversee was involved in 20 out of the total. If for anything, I’m humble like the Jesus guy they named me after).


This month makes it exactly a year I joined an agency to lead creative efforts in managing Globacom. I could write a tome about the intrigues and fun in between.

Before now, I’d thought running a business was my toughest career challenge yet. But no. I’d thought becoming a creative director in a foreign country where I led a team that looked like a mini United Nations was my toughest career challenge yet. But no. While all the paths I’ve crossed have presented their versions of intrigues, the Glo project puts an icing on everything. (My stupid friends say I’m no longer as creatively feisty as I used to be, that I’ve been humbled. They won’t believe it’s adult life, and not work). But as a certified stubborn creative, the one who puts his head where everyone else fears, I can’t deny that this one has been one heck of a challenge.

I could write a tome about my experience, the sheer mental stamina required, the unpredictable motions, the long and endless nights, the crazy commute on Third Mainland Bridge, relationships that suffer, relationships that could have been but never was, personal projects that suffer, the teasing from neighbours that treat me like a visitor than a resident, and working with the coolest team.

Today I just want to give a big shout out to my team for creating magic with me during a year. Nothing makes a leader happier than to see your team getting well-deserved accolades. Our works won in some of the coveted categories and I’ve never been prouder of my team. And I’m pretty excited that the commercial I wrote (when I thought I ran out of juice) and that was aired during the World Cup got some of the industry’s nods.

But I had derived joy from strangers and well-wishers that are excited by new Glo commercials or designs that tickle them. It’s mostly the work of my team. I’m just a faithful supplier of pep talks and, sometimes, small chops. 😊

On to next year.