Obama and Liberal Hypocrisy

(via huffington post)

(via huffington post)

Folks may say it's probably not the "ideal" time to charge at the other side of Obama's achievement. He's currently being lauded and idolized by his fans. I am one too. But, if we excuse ourselves for a second and aim our minds at some corners of the Middle East where Obama expanded his drone programme, we'll be look at his achievements with skepticism. This is why I like the pithy and unpopular post by Kola Tubosun. He says:

"It is liberal hypocrisy to overlook the devastation of Obama's drone wars around the Middle East as part of his legacy to his successor. We tolerated that, because it was a Democratic president, and that's a shame."

I agreed and attempted a psychoanalysis of the Obama phenomenon:

There must be a term for a type of cognitive bias and tendency to ignore the evil of that which we love, because such doesn't validate our perception, and we subconsciously filter ourselves from seeing those evils, or if we do, we handle them with leniency. It will remain the stuff of genius how Obama's drone credentials haven't drawn as much mainstream indignation. Teju Cole was vehement about this. Same as Cornel West in his farewell appraisal of Obama. Same as Chomsky on some occasions.

Your opinion nudges at the domain of psychology. This gentleman represents the most successful example of a well-branded political product. Critically observed, he imitates the qualities of the most successful brands/celebrities with the most favourable public disposition; you can sometimes scorn them but you can't love them enough. They may hurt you but, somehow, their sins are ignorable or easily forgivable (except for extreme exceptions where they go too far. O. J. Simpson, anyone?). In the unconscious transactions of engaging with them, we've given up our rights to critical appraisal. And that’s because we can't stand that they can be anything but nice. They must remain our best projections of ourselves, in the most idealistic way possible. You talk about liberal hypocrisy, I'd add liberal echo chamber too - a vacuum and machine with a good representation of people and institutions that are programmed for political correctness.

The media (excluding FOX, of course) deified him. The world is strung on hero worship, we are armed with masturbatory technologies that allow us to see only the gloss, and we can't imagine our heroes as mere humans capable of despicable acts. It's the triumph of his handlers and liberal insularity (and hypocrisy). You may be surprised that somewhere someone has read your post and is disgusted by its timing.

It's the reason the Trump phenomenon is jarring to their senses. If - sorry, not if - when Trump starts to use drones, watch out for the liberal outcry. Even if he doesn't expand the drone programme and kill as many civilians, wait for the hoopla that will follow the news because, yeah, Trump validates that evil perception. He doesn't have as much goodwill as Obama who, on records, used drones way more than Bush.

Liberals, very insular bunch. Obama, very lovable human being.