It’s the International Friendship Day

The interns in my office devised a simple idea to mark the day. Everyone in the office will pick an anonymous friend from a pool and present him or her with a gift, today. They cleverly tagged it “Friends with Benefits”. The giver also stands to receive gift from an anonymous person who would have also selected from the pool.
I had selected a female colleague and, Gosh knows, I had assumed it would be an easy thing to find a gift. After all, I have a sister that has, at various times, made me have contacts of hair vendors, makeup kit shops, female bags, dresses etc., on my phone.
I called another colleague that I presumed may offer some intel on what may impress my “anonymous” friend. To my surprise, I was told none of my considerations made the cut.
After spending the weekend trying to figure out what to present her, I just entered a shopping mall and requested for a Gift Card. That’s all. She can go and buy whatever she wants.
And then.
The person that picked me surprised me with a wine. Not just wine. A non-alcoholic wine. My current favourite wine (I change them based on discoveries). But the TOMA brand, with a quirky crucifix logo and its communion description, is an easy favorite. So this is a thoughtful present.
This evening, or tomorrow morning, I shall be toasting to friendship with the blood on the cross!


Art Discussion in Victoria Island

Hello friends, let’s meet in VI this evening to have a riveting discussion around the sometimes sarcastic, sometimes cautionary, and sometimes incidental messages on public walls.


New Books, New Companions

I went looking for Richard Ali’s book, “The Anguish and Vigilance of Things”. But as a chronic sufferer literary hedonism, I hovered around the book store and ended up buying more than I planned for. In fact, I ended up visiting two bookstores (Parrésia Publishers and Ouida Books )
I bought more poetry because it’s one of the genres that seem to energize my brain the most. Same as Creative non-fiction.
I’m craving some good poetry because I sometimes worry that years of writing advertising headlines might have robbed me of the purist attention I prefer to devote to reading - and sometimes, writing poetry. There’s a near-existential struggle between giving poetry a deserved attention and penning words to promote brands. Often times, I notice that after going on lengths just thinking about brands and all the ticks of the marketing world, I tend to veer away from the type of creative fillip that nourishes the soul.
Still, some words manage to sip out in form of travel accounts, love skirmishes, mischiefs, etc.
I don’t know why most are not in kindle format. This hard copy business is usually a drag for me.
My companions in the next months:
- "Funny Man Cannot Be Trusted" by Tolu Akinyemi
- "For Broken Men Who Cross Often" by Efe Paul Amino
- "Thunder Protocol" by Obari Gombe
- "The Hate Artist" by Niran Okewole
- 'Strange Fruit" by Helen Moffett
- “The Anguish and Vigilance of Things” by Richard Ali
- "A Good Mourning" by Ogaga Ifowodo
- "Angela’s Ashes" by Frank McCourt (I’ve read and gifted this book like 50 million times lol)
- "Achebe or Soyinka: A Study in Contrast" by Wole Omotoso
- "Onigegewura" by Lanrewaju Akinmolayan
- "Harmattan Haze on an African Spring" by Wole Soyinka
- "A Stranger's Pose" by Emmanuel Iduma


The Absolute Worst When You Identify a Psychopath in Your Team!

“departments managed by psychopaths decreases productivity and morale in the team... That’s the real cost of having something like that in your organization, especially if there’s an HR coverup,”
““A true psychopath is someone that has a blend of emotional, interpersonal, lifestyle and behavioral deficits but an uncanny ability to mask them. They come across as very charming, very gregarious. But underneath there’s a profound lack of remorse, callousness and a lack of empathy,”
“However, when a psychopath isn’t getting his or her way, they lose their veneer of charm. “When things aren’t happening the way they thought they were going to happen, they tend to completely flip and resort to bullying,”

link: Crazy at the wheel: psychopathic CEOs are rife in Silicon Valley, experts say

Photograph- Allstar:LIONS GATE:Sportsphoto Ltd.:Allstar.jpg

This Volkswagen Campaign Illustrates A Nigerian Reality. And It Won At Cannes Lions

This fascinating campaign for Volkswagen recently won a Silver at the Cannes Lions. It illustrates a Nigerian reality.

Interestingly, it was created by an Argentinian agency, a curious factor that stirs up the argument about why Sub-Saharan African countries, especially, aren’t winning notable international creativity awards. (Nigeria is yet to win at Cannes).

A side of the argument tends to imply that some African works aren’t winning because international juries, mostly constituted by Westerners and Asians, have limited understanding of African cultural and contemporary references.

But this Argentinian work somewhat discredits that view. It’s clever and well executed.

My Cannes Lions 2019 Predictions

Every year, the world’s most creative people gather at the South of France to share knowledge and judge some of the best creative works. They do these over fireside conversations, conferences, beach views and wines. I last attended some years back and it remains one of my memorable career adventures.

I used to curate some of my preferred works and those that I tip to win the big prizes.

Here’s my 2019 prediction. In the coming days, the announcement will be made.

Coca-Cola, “Try Not To Hear This”
Silence, please!


Nike, “Dream Crazy”
This will unarguably cart away most of the Grands Prix.

Lego, “Fireman”
Inside job.


New York Times,
Just beautiful.

John Lewis & Partner, “Christmas AD 2018”
The power of a gift. it features Elton John.



Monumentally impressive.

Burger King “Whopper Detour Campaign”

The New York Times, “The Truth Is Worth It: Fearlessness”
Fearlessly done.

Microsoft Xbox “Football Decoded”
The beautiful game.

Carsales, “AutoAds”

NETFLIX “Narcos: The Censor’s Cut”

Skittles, “Broadway the Rainbow”