A Birthday Cake, A Poem & A Forced Smile

a circumference forms around a cooing couple,
smitten with joy on arrival of a new native.
na boy. na boy. a product of a genius coitus
earlier formed when love held two - captive.

he will stand by God by default. Bolorunduro.
a name, a mantle and a primordial caution
a reminder too, when tides haggle on his soul
from gambits of a wild wily world.

older. witness to triumphs and tragedies,
as in those which mold toddlers into men
in tussles, trysts and teenage skirmishes
from love duels and soothing human yen

traveler, still negotiating through this vastness
through this maze of beauty and filial forms.
until wizened days replace the innocence of youth
he gathers on, wisdom, with a headlamp brightness

a new decade waltzes in, bye to twentyish adventures.
‘duro. always obey your name. stay and live.
here. enjoy the love, beauty and the risky ventures
for your days will not end abruptly like this silly poem


*Bolorunduro or Duro is my first name among family and close friends. "Chris" is just a stubborn official name. ;)