The Mother's Day Ad By My Agency That Went Viral

We set to create a Mother’s Day campaign that celebrates mothers and motherhood in a way that resonates with our African audience. 

Our idea - "Mother's Secret Weapons”

Traditionally, African mothers play a key disciplinarian role in the family. It’s a role that they sometimes played with firm hands and, where stern looks and raised voices didn’t deliver results, it wasn’t uncommon for harder measures to be employed. 

We decided to whip up nostalgic emotions and trigger conversations around this role – especially as many grownups in African communities look back fondly on these corrective episodes with loving mothers. 

Each ad humorously profiles the common tools used during a mother and child squabble, and use them to remind ourselves about the love that came in form of discipline.

In essence, here’s to the mothers who made us – and the tough love that forged us.

The Campaign has since gone viral especially in some African countries and I'd like to thank my team members - Abraham Cole (Art Director), and Adebayo Arisilejoye (Copywriter) for coming through on this.