It's My Birthday

This boy. Chris. Ogunlowo. Abiodun's first. The one that inherited his strange habits. Pacing when restless. Gobbling knowledge. Even in the toilet. Ogling at animals. Ogling at fine things. Collecting old things. Collecting weird things. Finding life in culture. Finding meaning in tradition. In music. In old music. In history. In history waiting to happen. In curiosity about distant lands. But didn't pick the gene to be adventurous with food.

This boy. His preferred name. Bolorunduro. Adebisi's first. Her deputy husband. Wears her smile. Finds colour, like her, in chaos. Hosts people. Loves people. Laughs. Big-hearted. Forgiving. Takes life easy. Jejely. Asks questions. Challenges received wisdom. Traveler. Fond of flaunting that insignia of beauty, that gap-tooth. But didn't pick her ability to cross forbidden human boundaries at will, without filter.

This boy. Man. Man of Gosh. Get rich. Get richer. Grow already. Find new friends. Discover new lands. Maybe get married too. Maybe become a father. Eat well. Stop being a lepa. Start getting comfortable with cameras. Cameras don't kill. Stop being an olodo. Or elenu yamama. Or oni frapapa.

You're full of shit. You’re full of magic.