When I Was Interviewed by Students of Pan-Atlantic University

That time I was interviewed by students of Pan-Atlantic University. It was a good chance to share my experience as someone who trades in creativity, communication, and culture. They were curious about the dynamics of running a business as a creative person. I understood their curiosity. There's a common notion that creatives don't make good business people. It's a myth that has been reinforced by shitty creatives. Members of the creative class, understandably, are well represented on the neurotic role-call, and so we don't always expect them to be the most disciplined people in domains that require discipline, like business. But I always maintain that every creative - if not naturally business-inclined, can compensate by learning. Or, at most, admit that there's a missing link or just give up and stay in the purist zone of creation that shields one from the motions of business. I probably should write a piece on my thoughts. I talked about the importance of a good team and pushing hard to defend good ideas.