How My Friend Beautifully Celebrated His Wife's Birthday

My friend and I chatted about how best to celebrate his wife. The wife is a friend too and so I’m familiar with some of the things that interest her.

The husband had planned a lunch at a cool hotel, including some random plans. But we wanted more. We challenged ourselves to come up with an idea that will be simple and cool. The husband and I, usual collaborators in a record of mischiefs and silliness, started to brainstorm. Then, we happened on a simple one that will appeal to the wife’s intellectual and romantic sides.

Idea: The husband will write a cool and romantic poem and share couplets with the wife's friends who will post it on Twitter, on schedule, with the hashtag - #T32.

How’s this relevant? The wife likes poetry. She’s a Twitter citizen. Her friends appreciate poetry. They will love to surprise her. Her husband writes poetry. I write poetry too. And I’m readily available to edit poetry. I’ll be available to pressure the husband to complete the poem before the birthday. I can help to break the poem into tweets.

Everybody made it happen. And the celebrant was happy.

Here are the tweets:

And the full poem: