“Fela and the Kalakuta Queens” and The Curious Case of How the Elite Now Owns Fela

Don't end this holiday without a visit to Terra Kulture to watch the beautifully-produced “Fela and the Kalakuta Queens”. The show, in one word is - epic.👌🏽

(But then, while sitting pretty among an audience that looks like a cross section of Lagos upper class, upper middle-class, middle class folks, with fine bags, fine skins with American and British accents, I couldn’t shuck off the thought that capitalism and its snobbish agent - class difference, have conspired to fully own Fela. This Fela! The man who pitched his struggle for the everyday man; a man whose oevure and message was antithetical to the pretensions of the social and political classes. One may counter that Fela, by the privilege of family, is modestly a product of a middle class and educated family. But the man remodeled his life and art and rebellion for the common man. This thought occupied my mind for a few seconds as the fine girls on stage twerked. Maybe someday, a good social scientist would allot time to probe how capitalism ends up branding (low!) culture for the consumption of members of the privileged class. If anyone knows a book or study that may answer my curiosity, please feel free to share with me). I’d like to watch this show again! Those twerking are not of this world.😉