Of Dami Ajayi's New Book

I enjoyed Dami Ajayi new collection of poetry, the cheekily titled "A Woman's Body is a Country". As in pop culture, as in literature, one is tempted to compare an artiste's/author's debut with a sophomore work. I shall resist that temptation. But I must acknowledge that his first anthology, "Clinical Blues", while not being overtly experimental, offered a freshness and playfulness that one sorta anticipates as this poet's creative mien. It seemed more surgical. This new collection is more temperate; it exhibits restraints on the experimental and the playfulness but roams freely around emotions. There are poems about death, about love, about friendship, about beer, about sex, about cities, about agro, most of them distributed around the peripherals and depth of the emotional. I like quite a number of the poems but I've returned mostly to these two and the title poem. I love the cover design too. Well done, Dami Ajayi. 👏🏽👌🏽👍🏽🙏🏽