New Books from the Renaissance Hotel

I was supposed to have some meetings at Truffles. But it wasn’t opened so I moved to the Renaissance. While blowing grammar (the thing we sometimes do for money), I began to shuffle my attention between my guest and a corner of the hotel.

I had noticed a roll-up banner that announced books, a section of a table with piles of books, and people filing out with carrier bags of books. My guest had lost me. I had sent a message to the guests of my next meeting to postpone our meet. I couldn’t wait to see books. Then I saw the side of a lady in ankara, with a dyed crew cut, and in full salesman mode. She strolled to the entrance and I figured, “Oh, it’s Lola Shoneyin”. I rushed the meeting and entered the pop-up book store. My first question, enthusiastically - I hope you have Dami Ajayi's new book. She led me to the corner of the store where Dami’s books sat pretty among others. Lola was recommending another book to me when new customers enter. I let her go attend to them so I could wander about. I regret to find two books that I had bought on my kindle just earlier in the morning. I wished I bought from her store. She may not yet know my fascination with creative people with enthusiasm for business.

I picked Dami’s, I picked Yemisi's book, which I had promised as someone’s Christmas present, and Bolaji Abdullahi’s account of the presidency of former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan - “On A Platter of Gold”, and a complimentary copy of Ake Review (2017).

So my dear friends and members of the kingdom of Gosh, take that stroll to Renaissance hotel, Isaac John Street, GRA, Ikeja, (today or next month) and pick cool books and, errrrm, ask Lola for the leftover of our hug. And if you’ve got nice dentition, be sure to take a selfie too.😬🙃😛