The Tyranny of Other People’s Vacation Photos

Everything from the headline to the last full stop.

Image via NYTimes

This is pretty insightful especially because I know someone that had a major fit of withdrawal symptom when her Instagram app was acting up. It was raw panic at the other end of the phone when she shared her experience. Weird new world.

"While it’s fairly easy to categorize the photographically incontinent under the headlines Narcissistic and Insecure, or some combination thereof, the photo-posting folks may not have the same clarity about themselves. “People often don’t know that they’re the culprit,” said Marla Vannucci, a clinical psychologist who is an associate professor at Adler University.

“I have a client who really wants Likes, so he posts a lot of photos,” Dr. Vannucci said. “When people don’t respond to them, he feels very alone. So he posts more. It’s a cycle like any interpersonal cycle in which we’re doing something that people hate but we’re doing it to try to make people like us. With that type of client, I try to find out what the motivation for posting is: What are the feelings around it? What is he looking for? Then I try to help him find other outlets.”"

The Tyranny of Other People’s Vacation Photos by Henry Alford