Muslim Singer Features a South African Zulu Choir

I just found out this beautiful Muslim song has a video. This popular Muslim singer features a South African Zulu choir. (I have to mention that I was stunned to discover there are really cool Muslim pop singers. One should be grateful to friends that expand our cultural experiences. There's another singer (Raef) that did an Islamic cover of Chris Brown's "With You". This isn't the Islam I'm familiar with. My Nigerian sphere of religious experience never exposed me to this. Well, I do have Muslim friends that are on the liberal side of religious reasoning and lifestyle but the stupid guys never let me know that there's a beautiful universe of Islamic pop culture that draws heavily from the West.

Maher Zain is a fine singer. This video's song isn't really my favourite of his. It's "Peace Be Upon You". The song's piano medley, I swear by Jehovah, should be a Buddhist recommendation for meditation. (Oh, you see, right there, I, named after the Christian Messiah, have merged 3 powerful religions together. My space in paradise is guaranteed. ;))

But the beauty of this song is the experiment with the Zulu choir. It reminds of Michael Jackson's feature of South Africa's "Ladysmith Black Mambazo" in his Moonwalker video.

Beautiful cultural collaborations.