FUGEE by Hawa Jande Golakai

A piece by HJande Golakai. I really do have a thing, perhaps it's an incurable affliction, for writers that have mastered lacing serious topics with humor. For some, as in this writer, one wonders if they intend to share heartfelt pieces or just aim to impress readers with their storytelling talent, or both. (I'm already sounding like an overzealous new fan).

(I'm also surprised the writer has been my friend on this Facebook Street. One wonders the amount of potentially great connections that have remained inactive, or not pursued, on this street. (And this is coming from someone who woke up one day and realized that he has amassed about 5 million Facebook friends, or so, and only maintains strong connections with a ridiculously small fraction of that number). I should edit my New Year resolution to include actively pursuing Facebook friendships).

There are several quotable sentences in the piece and some are worth returning to for mere pleasure. I'm going to mention only this one because I intend to steal its pithiness for a future piece about Lagos (not Abuja). I will replace Monrovia with Lagos and Liberia with Nigeria:

"Monrovia is the Liberia that matters most, and this has always been so, shamefully elitist as that is; until something unsettles our tiny capital, it will never cause a stir.

- FUGEE by Hawa Jande Golakai