Soyinka Won't Tear That Card

Soyinka replies. He implies that some people on the Internet, trollers and haters alike, missed the Literature class on figures-of-speech. He defends himself as speaking metaphorically and has copious examples of how some of his personal decisions, of similar quality, has not enjoyed as much public hoopla. He has harsh words for these people. This old man can yab!

 As someone who's read plenty-plenty of his works, I noticed his best polemics are the ones fueled by some measure of anger and irritation. This isn't an exception.

"Why, in any case, am I pulling out of the United States? Why - as demanded of me by some of my genuinely concerned and sober interlocutors around the world - why such an extreme reaction? Why the terminal response to the elections of another land? Also, and perhaps most crucially, why am I left virtually mouth agape at the furore my stance has engendered? I simply fail to understand why this has gone beyond a flurry of public commentary and hilarious cartoons, and turned into a masturbatory for some, a vomitory for others, and an epilleptic sanatorium for a self-reproducing number? Why, in genuine bafflement, do I experience astonishment? Why do people find this commonplace, accessible-to-all act so extraordinary?"

RED CARD, GREEN CARD – Notes Towards The Management Of Hysteria