"You" Reacts to the News

You see in the news that a truck somersaulted in Ojuelegba
You remember it's your brother's route to and from work
You quickly call his phone to just check up
You couldn't get through but you keep dialing

You stop everything you're doing and continue to dial.
You remember he has two lines, so you call the other
You get another auto-response, auto-error
You continue dialing sha and chilling

You send a text and hope for a response
You want relief for a growing anxiety
You get an auto-report of undelivered messages
You try your luck again with three more attempts

You pace up and down but with a calm exterior
You wonder if you have any of his colleague's numbers
You attempt to distract yourself with Twitter & Facebook
You see on your timeline the same sad news

You try again and, lo, the call goes through
You hear your brother say he's close to home
You just said "ok, I'm just saying hi"
You wonder if to tell him about the news & silly auto-voices

You just dropped everything and thought for a minute
You figured if Nigerians don't die from bad roads or bad vehicles
You now know they may die from poor telecom services
You just thank Gosh and post this random Facebook post