August Should Not End

Turns out the cosmos works in mysterious ways. After months of mourning my damaged kindle, a good friend surprised me with a new one. Said friend just came visiting around 10:30pm on this awesome August day and after pranking me for a long time, about the source of the parcel, said the giver is the one delivering the gift. I almost strangled my friend. August rocks.

Another friend asked if I have read Obasanjo's new book. I said no. I'm interested in the book. I must confess that I sometimes find the former president's engagements clowny and fascinating. He's a comedian. I've read only two books written by him. They lacked literary merits to sustain my attention. Not that I expect such merit from his works; I just dragged along when reading them. Maybe I picked the wrong ones. Both are poorly edited. Well, now, I have this well-publicized one. I hope it succeeds where others failed. Thanks, dear friend. August surprises.

Just an early morning chat and another friend asked if I've read a certain book. It seems like a typical question until I heard, "give me your Amazon email." Immediately, a new book downloaded. It's my current read. August enchants.

I have no idea why all my August gifts are related to books. I still have another one in transit from the south of the continent. Either my friends are conspiring to make me anti-social or I need to rebrand myself from attracting such gifts. August puzzles.