Amazing African Art Collector

Eric Edwards.  Screen-grabbed image.

Eric Edwards. Screen-grabbed image.

This man just blew me away. He has the coolest obsession one can have. His collection of African artifacts is just incredible. I just want a chance to live in his house for a week, or a month, or forever. I have watched the short video for a gazillion times and I am in awe. I don’t know anyone who has invested this much in collecting African artifacts. I have seen a few people with collections. During university days, I used to anticipate visiting home of art professors to see some of their collections. Some had. I have chanced on friends-of-friends with a few collections in their homes. But really, this American man takes the cake.

One wonders how he made the estimation that the works are valued at $10 million. Oh no. These things are more valuable than that. Sorry, nothing less a billion dollars. This is a great man, a great mind.

(I could not embed the video but check it out HERE)