On the Advertising Industry's Obsession With Itself & Creativity Awards

I like this piece. I like its emphasis on the advertising industry's delusion with its own relevance. Given the dynamics of the new world, including new economic motions, more discerning and critical consumers, new technologies etc., etc, the ad industry cannot afford to remain insular. It needs to engage with the world beyond its traditional forms, beyond being at the fringes of capitalist activities, and certainly beyond its obsession with self-serving creativity awards. The industry needs to hack itself.

A strong opening:

“One of the oddest things about advertising is our continued focus on ourselves and not the general population. We’re a relatively closed industry: we drink in the same pubs; we have industry gossip magazines; we seek to impress our bosses and keep our clients happy and think endlessly about the brands we work with. But we are detached from the reality of what real people think about them. If we’re honest, as an industry, we prefer to be aligned facing our clients, not real people. We host endless debates about how fast digital will grow, whether TV is dead, what to do with iBeacons, but rarely do we focus on the public and how their behaviours are changing. No place demonstrates this more than the Cannes Lions festival.”

What if Cannes Lions Celebrates the Worst, Not the Best of Advertising? By Tom Goodwin 

(That said, I still love creativity awards and festivals. Their modes may be tweaked but they still have social and "awarding" relevance. And who doesn't like to travel? ;))