Lagos Is For All Of Us

A statement credited to the Oba of Lagos drew condemnation from many people, from Nigerians home and abroad. He was alleged to have threatened the Ibos in the state with retribution if his preferred candidate doesn’t win the state’s governorship election.

Expectedly, the statement was considered reckless, and the recording went viral. Historically, similar statements have incited genocidal repercussions and some have lasted decades. Rwanda. Armenia. Holocaust. And recently, the xenophobia in South Africa is an outgrowth of statements attributed to the Zulu king.

One wonders how a king of Nigeria’s most cosmopolitan state will make such unguarded statement. The thought of it made me respond in a way to amplify the conversation around the issue.

I found a visual idea around the state’s most iconic statue to pass a message across that Lagos belongs to all of us.