Good Luck to Buhari

Nigeria’s 2015 election has gone. Typical of national elections, it was a heck of a ride. Most significant of this year’s election has been the use of social media and PR. Parties lined out their best ammunitions to crave favourable public opinions and also employ dirty tricks to attack the opposition. For a while, I had been an observer of all the tricks, and I was invited to a radio station to air my opinion on the election, especially to appraise the advertising activities of the two major parties. This also inspired a post.

It took me a while to express my support for any party. I was not even sure I was going to vote. After some contemplation, I aligned with the opposition party. As a citizen, and also because I was sympathetic to the opposition’s cause, I made a few contribution. This poster is one. Surprisingly, as soon as I shared it with a few friends, I saw people sharing it everywhere, including using it as profile pictures on social media and as BBM display picture. (The copy may be lost on those unfamiliar with the election. The cheekiness becomes clear when one knows the names of two major presidential candidates).