Kenyan Writers Are Shallow?

This report about Kenyan writers is pretty damning and interesting. The writer basically suggests that the Kenyan literati suffers from some inferiority complex, and cutely uses Chimamanda (and other writers) to emphasize the point. He says Kenyan writing is shallow and boring. Perhaps, he refers to the contemporary writers, which in itself is debatable but the Ngugi of my childhood is far from boring. If he didn't limit it to fiction, I would have mentioned Ali Mazrui too. (That man fed my mind with his brilliant essays, and his feud with Wole Soyinka was kinda cool). Anyway, I believe there are brilliant writers in Kenya and I know there's a vibrant literary culture. (I'm currently reading Binyavanga's One Day I Will Write About This Place).

Despite the leaning of this report, I think the writer wants the best for Kenya literati. He can chill with the obsession with "foreign" writers though.