Soyinka's Insults

I'm half-way into Soyinka's new book - InterInventions. I was hoping for a full salvo of insults on Obasanjo. (The book has kinda been marketed as such). So far, there's been digressive insults here and there but they seem like the usual Soyinka jabs at Obasanjo.

But he goes on a kill at someone called Abiola Ogundokun:

"Of all the loathsome lumps of slime that ever oozed from the sump of human depravity to aspire to human form, none comes close to the two-legged parasite that goes by the name Abiola Ogundokun... his first name echoes and soils the memory of Nigeria's true democratic martyr, Chief M.K.O. Abiola, but his parents cannot be held posthumously responsible for that, any more than for his adult infamy."