On (Zuckerberg's) Philantropy

I knew this was going to follow Zuckerberg's philanthropic pledge. And there'll be more articles challenging this American style of philanthropy. My brother and I debated it this morning. I mentioned the famous statement by Google founder - Larry Page, at a TED conference, in which he mentioned that he'd rather give his billions to Elon Musk than give to charity. His reason: Musk is changing the future by taking superhuman leaps. That sounds more legit to him than populist acts of donation. My brother asks me which style I'd prefer if, no, WHEN, I become a dollar billionaire. I still haven't answered. (But, of course, he knows I'm kinda suspicious of capitalist "free").

A German billionaire weighs in.

"The debate is whether the money is better of in the hands of the government, or in service to private non-profits. There's no denying the good intentions of the billionaire philanthropists, but it can be hard to know if the decisions they make about how to use their money ultimately serve society in the best ways."

- A German Billionaire Says Some Philantropy Pledges Are Really Bad