On Classism in Literature

This is an amazing read. It's about the relative classism that exists in the literary world, one that determines who earns the financial and "connected" support to pursue a literary career. Hardly a topic that gets discussed. But, like almost all areas of the society, classism rears its head in artistic endeavors too. The argument might seem simplistic or defeatist, depending on who's making a case.

I wonder, though, the extent of this reality in the Nigerian context. Say, maybe we could conduct a survey to determine how class affects who gets published or who gets close to the right type of connection, or who's moneyed.

"One doesn’t learn to be a writer in college and then graduate with the same opportunities as everyone else. When it comes to looking for a job, or having the time to write, social stratification determines who gets the internships, and by extension who gets to forge the connections that help one find an agent, or get a job with a publishing house."

- The Literary Class is Impoverishing Literature