I Found This

A wise man once said if you're patient during house cleaning, you might stumble on diamond. I stumbled on three; they came in book form.

I'd thought I lost these books. My guess was that I had given them away or, as usual, I borrowed someone whom I can't trace again and who wasn't nice enough to return them.

I discovered this poet, Ebereonwu, I think in my second year in school. I had just strolled to the school's bookshop when I saw "Unpublishable Poems". The title caught my attention for its sheer presumption. I flipped through and read poems that suggest the poet's rebellious temperament. I went back later to look for another collection by the poet. I found "The Insomniac Dragon". Another good one, with poems suggesting the poet’s existential troubles with reality. He seems to me like a tortured soul. But he writes brilliantly, without any pretension to obscure meaning with complex words and phrasing. The 3rd book - "Suddenly God Was Naked", came later from a random source and it follows the poet's adventure with rebellion, playfulness and life. (I remember writing a poem in his honour, in my old blog).

I'm not sure if he wrote any new work. But his was a voice that dared. (There may never be e-book versions of these copies so imma keep these ones. Like diamonds, they are forever).