Two Poems by Akor Emmanuel

Akor Emmanuel is a young poet and a Facebook friend. He shared his poems with me. He calls himself Nature Poet.

Just before you sign out, son,
take a cursory look at your life in the world.

Just before you expire, child,
remind yourselves of your purpose in life.

Is your life worth an imprint
in the indelible sands of time?
Or is it one that would forgotten
while still alive?

To have lived is not the utmost goal
but to have existed in a life full of achieved goals.

Just look again at the sun
just before you sign out, son.

Oh spiritual beat raising the heat,
throw up the tambourine
let’s hear its sound as it falls.

Among chants of several orikis
the talking drummer hails the king;
this is the spirit of Lagos.

Have you heard juju?
music that taste like good food,
it heals the saddest souls.

Have you heard fuji?
magical sound from a man like Tunji,
At first encounter, it is dance at the go.

When the singer mounts the stage
it’s another heaven free from age
we dance and dance and forget the sorrow.

Such is the spirit of Eko
the land where all are good to go