"The truth is, companies succeed or fail not because of one leader's talents, but because of the collective talent, brainpower, and work ethic under one figurative roof. (Cash and luck are also important.)" - The Myth of the Lone Genius

"To be a great strategist, we have to step back from the need to find a right answer and to get accolades for identifying it. The best strategists aren’t intimidated or paralyzed by uncertainty and ambiguity; they are creative enough to imagine possibilities that may or may not actually exist and are willing to try a course of action knowing full well that it will have to be tweaked or even overhauled entirely as events unfold.

The essential qualities for this type of person are flexibility, imagination, and resilience." - Why Smart People Struggle with Strategy

"In an era where everyone is selling hype, there’s nothing wrong with selling competence, understated confidence, and a really specific solution for a well-defined customer need." - LOUIS CK HAS A LESSON FOR YOUR STARTUP