In Love with the Budweiser “Puppy Love” Ad

This isn’t a critical analysis of the ad. Some websites and individuals have done a better job. A post-Super Bowl analysis is a common behavior in the marketing industry. Long after consumers have resigned into their everyday lives, agencies and marketing folks are locked in pros and cons discussions of ads.

I knew the “Puppy Love” ad was going to be a hit. I watched it just when the ad had less than 100, 000 YouTube views. Now it commands a whooping 45 millions views, and still counting. If YouTube won’t count my visit as one, I’d be responsible for a quarter of the views.

I love the animals in the ad, especially the dog. Yes, the dog. If I could, I would give a special award to the puppy trainers. I searched for the making of the spot and saw the work that was put in to make those cuties perform well.

Cutely named “Puppy Love,” the Budweiser Super Bowl ad is everything about good storytelling and brilliant execution. The music, a song by Passenger, is a brilliant choice. The song is one of my favourites of 2013.

I’ve since daydreamt about owning that dog, or its breed.

I want that dog.