European Start-Ups Versus American Start-Ups, and Other Interesting Links

"When it comes to style, art, the high-life, and summer homes, the American elite looks to Europe. But when it comes to models for creating wealth, it is clear that ambitious Europeans look to America.

Europe has everything that is needed for a start-up culture: tech-y looking dudes with facial hair, bike-sharing programs, a highly educated workforce, cool cities, and money. But it’s missing the spark that turns intelligence into fortunes and products. One way to describe the difference is that continental Europe lacks (or suppresses) the mix of hubris, recklessness, competence, greed, and vision that enables start-ups to boom, again and again, in Europe. Europe doesn’t have the ecosystem of funders, engineers, serial entrepreneurs, professional service providers, and financial institutions that have turned America’s technology industry into a wealth-creation machine."

America’s Start-Up Silver Lining

"New ideas tend to evoke fear and anger – we are programmed to prefer the comfort and safety of established norms. Much as I want to believe that a glaringly good idea will stand on its merits, I have come to realize that just like any product or service, ideas require good marketing if they’re going to reach their intended customers."

 Make Your Innovative Idea Seem Less Terrifying

"But entrepreneurs run the risk of losing an opportunity to meet their soulmate. Despite how easy technology has made dating, meeting Mr. or Ms. Right requires time and commitment that entrepreneurs generally don’t want to spare. And even when someone catches their interest, after a short time of dating, there’s a good chance that the dedication and time devoted to their work gets old fast and becomes the demise of the relationship. For entrepreneurs, it’s not only about finding someone who is compatible and attractive. It’s about finding someone who understands you, encourages you and supports you and your crazy work schedule."

The Biggest Dating Problem Entrepreneurs Have