If gap-toothed people rule the world, we'll all be looking for happy excuses to smile and show our dentition. Barbara & I have been planning this picture forever, until last Friday. I was looking at the picture and seeing all sorts of Freudian suggestions. I look stupidly clingy. It looks as though she had dodged my attempt to plant a kiss on her forehead. See how I almost cupped her. Why the heck is my hand on the side of her tummy, as though I expect to feel a baby? And she’s a beautiful lady, with a demure that kills.

Barbara & I

My gap-tooth draws weird attention towards me, all of them funny. I notice when people shift their eye contacts towards my mouth. I've just discovered the medical word for it - diastema. Its Wikipedia entry says, "In Ghana, Namibia and Nigeria, diastema is regarded as being attractive and a sign of fertility, and some people have even had them created through cosmetic dentistry."

And I've just made a major major discovery. The last hope of a skinny and ugly man is a good camera. Invest in a good camera, my friends. :)

(I hope there's no punishment for holding another man's girl like this. I meant no harm).