New Toy

I'm not exactly big on acquiring things. If anything, my friends and siblings don't understand why I'm fond of reducing the few items I have. As soon as I get something, I start hoping it won't become an extra burden. I also start thinking about how long it will take before it is discarded. The things that I've stayed longer are necessary items: my iPhone, MacBook, Kindle, Car, few clothes etc. etc. Maybe I'm just a thoroughbred minimalist. I don't quite understand the idea of collecting things. A friend bets that I will wake up to collecting things when I become rich. Funny. I once shocked my siblings that I want to dispose of my books. The horror on their faces still makes me laugh. It still didn't make sense to them even when I mentioned that I’d buy Kindle versions of the books, if available, before getting rid of the books. But really, the Kindle is the ultimate bookshelf, with the added benefit of making it impossible for people to borrow books that may never be returned.

Chris Ogunlowo_Nikon d5300_ Camera.jpg

I've been asked why I bought this camera. I was particularly thrilled about the prospect of owning one and also taking beautiful pictures. I took the trouble to research cameras and also consult a photographer friend. NIKON D5300 came highly recommended. Maybe I'm channeling my deep love for beautiful images. I follow quite a number of photography-based accounts on Instagram.

Whatever it is, I hope I nurture this new habit, as long as I don't bored by technical details.

Say cheese.