How did we get here?

How did we get here –
an engulfing in our own map and
time-killing within the radius of silence?

We left our paths chasing rainbows
But rainbows fade.
We left our cues to act strange scripts
But dramas end.

Tell if you ever sought an exiting too from
stifling spaces.
Did you drug on hope and wished an escaping from
dreary dungeons?

These days are funked and marinaded with platitudes –
of regrets spun across dingy digital routes

And there you are, hidden behind a Caucasian cloud –
Writhing in a lovelorn, and panting loud

On the other side, the Sahara dries a stream –
of tears, and debris of what could have been.


Just fools lamenting the losses left by the side of the lagoon
And wishing a toast to new love under sultry Indian moon