iPhone apps I can't live without

Well, I can actually live without them but hey, headlines are written to pique curiosity. If I have to live without them though, the conditions for disengagement must be right.

Last week, a private event had cut me off from my awesome digital life. I lost my iPhone. And needless to mention, I plunged into some weird withdrawal syndrome. For a week, I had to keep cool and hope the world will not notice that the guy who spends an unhealthy those of time fixed on his phone is now enjoying the moments around him.

Having witnessed someone suffer from a bout of withdrawal syndrome (from weed), I realize how an abrupt disruption from an enjoyable rhythm can be hard to cope with. I had to wait to get on my laptop before clients' emails will be replied, in which case I endured about 3 hours of traffic. It didn't make any sense to hit the Pocket extension button. I missed ogling at Instagram dogs. I lost my meeting schedules. Most annoying, some half-written poems and articles had to go too. The world seemed on hold but I couldn't complain.

The break made me realize how much Internet products have come to ease my life. My best picks (ok, this is where I justify the headline) are:

Pocket: Because it's a sin to miss articles by Sam Harris, Dawkins, Godin, Soyinka etc.

Flipboard:  Curating my feeds with ease, and it syncs my Google Reader too.

Quora: Because there's always someone smarter than you. 

Google Drive: Because I have to jot ideas.

Hangouts: My partners always have something to share.

PassLock: Because I have like 5 million passwords to manage. (Sadly, I lost them all).

Camera. Music. Evernote. PS Express. Etc.

This post was typed on a new iPhone. Back to sanity. :)