Kwirkly Got International

This is something I'm proud of. Just about 5 months of opening shop, we broke a campaign for Stylerebirth - an online lingerie store, and beyond our expectation, the campaign got international.

We had only sent it to which is the biggest curating website for the world's best advertising campaigns. The site is rather notorious for its rejection of entries that are below its expected standard. To have the first of ours is not only remarkable but confirms our bold intention to do compelling work.

About the same time, I got an email from Lurzer's ARCHIVE - another international publisher of the best advertising works. They went on to showcase the campaign as the Print Ad of the Week on their website. I watched with pride as people all over the world were sharing the work across social networks, some of them with interesting comments. The print edition (Lurzer's Archive, Vol, 3/2013) has the work amongst the best in the international advertising industry.

We're just a team of young people, with nothing more than an unhealthy dose of guts, long nights of chewing gum, endless arguments over ideas, gossips about women, and the belief that we can shake things up.

I'm indeed proud that the team is on course on a mission we're passionate about.

This is just the beginning. HERE's the campaign.