How To Be a Terrible Creative Director

This is a good read for every Creative Director out there, and creatives too. I've had to explain the points here to some of the Creative Directors I know and have worked with such that I've earned (without regret) a reputation for stubbornness because of what I believe is appropriate. Not being one given to office politicking and ass-licking, I remain convinced that creatives are sometimes as good as their creative heads.

Point number 17 particularly annoys me mostly because it's one of the bases why mediocre works go out of agencies. I've seen how Creative Directors become yesmen for clients and are too fearful to fight for good works because of fear of looking bad to the MD and losing clients.

Add point 1, 6, 9, and 12 and you have a picture of the terrible life of an advertising creative, especially one with a mostly purist approach to the creative business.

It's really an interesting read: HERE.