Disconnecting from digital chaos is going to be a major aspect of our future. The digital world, with all its promise of convenience and connections, ironically also comes with distractions and disconnections from more meaningful human experiences. In my opinion, there will be industries in the future established to cater for different forms of coping mechanisms.

I had just read Baratunde Thurston’s experience on his unplugging from the digital world for 25 days and I can relate with it.

Sometime last year, I left the chaos of Lagos (It’s no surprise that Lagos rhymes with Chaos) to a more pristine area of the country.

Unlike Baratunde, my travel wasn't intended to be a detoxing adventure but I resolved to have more time to enjoy the sights around me and to reflect more instead of just peering into my gadgets and responding to every email and social media notification.

Taking a lone walk in the woods, going to the neighbourhood market, watching kids playing with sands, listening to animated conversations of palm-wine drinkers as I wait for my order all added to make it a rewarding experience.

I returned to Lagos with a clearer head and a mind brimming with fresh ideas. It was a necessary sabbatical to maintain sanity.

Baratunde, being an influencer, may have started a new trend in digital behavior and it’s
a good one. The article is an interesting piece.