I'm enthusiastic about many things, from the silly to the serious. My main interest is to combine creativity and business to create cool stuff and solve problems. I've been involved in some creative projects and I'm always working on some. I enjoy collaborating with people and companies.

This website would be a dump-yard for things that interest me, including ideas, culture, books, entrepreneurship, society, humour, humanity, beauty, art, irreverence, my writing, the future etc. etc.

I've done copywriting, concept development and creative strategy for brands including Virgin Atlantic, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, British American Tobacco, MTN, FirstBank, Fidelity Bank, Gulder, International Energy Insurance, UBA, Swipha, Unilever etc.

I've travelled to some beautiful places and I've met brilliant people. I've worked in Dubai with a team that looked like a mini United Nations, and endured some (creative) culture shock - for instance, all texts must have Arabic versions. (PS: Also, I think everyone should visit Monaco, Kenya and Abu Dhabi).

When not enjoying jokes and irreverence on the Internet, I'm busy fiddling with my phone, plotting a prank or daydreaming about owning a dog. 

I'm currently the Creative Director with SO&U Limited, a full-service advertising agency in Lagos, Nigeria.

I write too.

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